BeBeer Tours

Craft Beer Crawl

CL 24.000 P/P
US 40 P/P
Explore the city, its breweries and bars. Delight yourself with our craft beers, know all about the preparation of this ancient brew and finally we'll take you to the best bar specialized in craft beers, where its waiters will share with you all their beer knowledge with the best service.

Valparaíso Tour & Beer

CL 59.000 P/P
US 90 P/P
What most people know is that Valparaiso is declared World Heritage Site by Unesco. What almost nobody knows is that to this beautiful city came the first Irish immigrant who produced beer in our country. Come meet all the magical corners of Valparaiso and know the history of beer in this picturesque port.

Concha y Toro Wine & Beer

CL 45.000 P/P
US 70 P/P
Discover the fantastic story that lies behind the finest wines of our country, the mystery behind the history of Concha y Toro with its Casillero del Diablo and then relax with the mountainous landscapes of the chilean countryside, enjoying a delicious craft beers in breweries in that place.

Groups and Private Tours

Beerbeque Tour

CL 60.000 P/P
US 100 P/P
The best party you'd ever imagine you'll find it in this funny tour. Gather your group of friends and share a Chilean barbecue or a typical Chilean lunch with beer during the whole day.

Beerlicius Tour

CL 38.000 P/P
US 60 P/P
Delight yourself with this amazing beer time where besides knowing how beer is made you will also learn to taste the different styles accompanied by a pairing with gourmet products or an exquisite accompaniment.
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