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By accessing the website, users accept and adhere to having read and agreed to its Privacy Policy. Bebeertour, reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy and it shall be the responsibility of the user to read and accept this every time he or she enters the website. Providing Information to Third Parties Regarding the provision of information compiled on the site, that which does not contain personal information relating to its subscribers, users and/or visitors, it may be passed on to public or governmental bodies or to other third parties. In the case of personal information relating to the website’s subscribers, users and/or visitors, this may only be provided for legal reasons or by court order. It is clearly stated that information relating to subscribers, users and/or visitors, at their request or with their consent, may be shared with or provided to third parties. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, Bebeertour may disclose compiled personal information by means of its website when subscribers, users and/or visitors violate the general conditions of use of regulating access to services and materials offered therein, and in cases in which it is essential for defending the rights of Bebeertour or third parties. Bebeertour ensures a procedure is in place allowing website users to remove their details from the Chamber’s database. If the user wishes to receive no further information from the organization, they simply need to send an email to the following email address: They should write “Remove” in the Subject line of the email and their name will be removed from the mailing list. All Rights Reserved All rights, including intellectual property rights relating to the content of this website, belong to Bebeertour. The user may review all information as required and it may only be copied for personal, non-commercial reasons. The copying, reproduction, distribution, conversion or modification in any way of website content is strictly prohibited for commercial ends or other forms unauthorized by Bebeertour. Bebeertour collects information relating to its website visitors and respective subdomains using Google Analytics.
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